HR for Hire

HR for Hire is all about quick access to the right HR management expertise for a defined period of time.

Interim management enables you to bring in an experienced HR manager or director within days. In many cases, this is a reasonable alternative to a rushed recruitment process or using consultants to take over operational tasks.

Usually, we are hired when a company experiences an urgent HR management need, when a company undergoes major changes, or when managers go on a long-term leave.

Whereas consultants normally focus on analysis and advice, interim managers focus on operational execution and implementation and will be part of the management team and assume supervisor responsibility for employees.

We have vast experience from similar positions and will therefore quickly be able to provide value to your company.

As an interim manager we typically don't have historical or personal links to the organisation and will therefore take the necessary measures in the company's best interests. We quickly identify areas for improvement without being perceived as a threat to other managers and peers.

As you can see from the CV of Roland Mosheim, who has led multiple global HR teams across all continents and built up HR functions in various line organizations, his experience covers a wide range of services you would expect from a HR professional, including  but not limited to the following:

Conducting a HR review, developing the HR Strategy,  building HR capacity, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Employee Relations including investigative work and mediation, HR metrics and reporting, Engagement initiatives, Diversity and Inclusion,  HR Policies and Procedures as well as the complex field of Global Mobility.

There is no such thing as THE magic formula for working successfully with people, as each person is different and each approach is tailored to your specific requirements drawing on the wealth of experience we have gained during our professional career.

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